Giải thưởng BabyMoov

- Protecting children against the danger of electromagnetic waves. Protect your babies and discover our Digital Green Technology - Promoting an anatomical posture

- Supporting parents for a healthy and tasty diet when weaning the baby onto food

- Monitoring indoor air quality

- The baby’s optimal comfort while he/she is sleeping to promote a healthy development. Discover our range of sleeping Comfort.

Innovation has always been the driving force for our company’s growth: every year, we invest more than €1 million in research and development, with a unique co-creation approach aimed at designing, together with parents, truly innovative products that make their life easier. breve_us In 2014, Babymoov will open a new chapter with the launch of revolutionary products with as many as 10 patent applications! is a parenting site that is dedicated to all things that are loved by parents. Due to its success, the website decided to launch, three years ago, the Lovedby Parents Awards. And this year, Babymoov products have been shortlisted for the Awards 2014! First of all, the Cosysleep is a complete product that perfectly supports baby's back and legs. It has a built-in head positioner to keep baby’s head nicely round. Thanks to a filled position roll, the Cosysleep has a close space to reassure baby. It has been nominated in 2 categories: the Best Sleep Aid and the Best Sleep Solution Then, our new baby bottles range: Bioteet®. The Bioteet concept is based on what was developed by dental surgeons over 5 years of research to offer parents a product that goes back to the basics of breastfeeding. The Bioteet teat, with its innovative design and surfaces adapted to the baby’s mouth, reproduces how the nipple changes shape in the infant’s mouth to ensure a good oral-dental development. It also has been nominated in 2 categories: «best innovative feeding product » and «Best Product for Bottle Feeding». And last but not least, our Baby monitor Touch Screen has been shorlisted in «Best Video Monitor» and «Best Technology Accessory». It is the alliance of a High Tech design and a concentration of technology, for an ultra-intuitive baby monitor. You, as parents, can now vote for your favorite products. So if you like Bioteet, the Cosysleep and the Baby monitor Touch Screen, then hurry up and vote for these wonderful products!